Monday, March 22, 2010

Where is Khijel? My Microsoft Global UAT Team Farewell

After six months of working with the Microsoft Global UAT Team, it has finally come to an end. Saddened by the fact that I am leaving the 'best team that i ever had', I am also excited for my next adventures. Below is the farewell email that i sent them:
With the team this great, who would be happy to leave?
Hi guys!

I believe you all know that today is my last day in the office. Six months of excitements: I started with VLCM 1.1 and ends it with VS2010 - I am assuming you know what I mean.

Lots of you are asking how I feel. Just refer to the opening statement of this mail. I would consider myself hyprocrite if I won't admit that. But let me expound more. It's actually mixed emotions. I am sad to leave the team, at the same time, excited for the new adventure that awaits me on my next project.

Well, it is just right for me to move on. I have to accept the fact that this is the type of career i have chosen. Projects here and there - leaving people whom I made great friendship with. Nonetheless, I really appreciate that this is happening - at least I have made connections with the best people of Accenture, different races, different sets of skills, different outlooks in life, but High Performer all together.

This is not goodbye for me - for i am sensing we will work together in the future (whew, i hope my senses are right!). I want to end this email with big THANK YOUs for letting me enjoy the work at the company of friends - yes, you are one of them!

I really hope I'll have another chance to work with all of you again - I'll pray for it. :)

I will still be connected with Accenture so please add in your email contact list and OC However, i will be out for a couple of weeks for vacation - beach, Philippine presidential and local candidates campaign, catching-up with old friends, chill in the province, climb some mountains, and gym! - so I won't be online.

'till then guys, and i know both of us are having exciting days ahead.

See you again,


I will surely miss them. I am reassuring myself that Singapore is just 3 hrs plane ride from Cebu - so not quite bad after all. I can still join them if there's party! Wohoooooo!

I just want to make some notes of my teammates here (in alphabetical order):

My team lead for VLCM. Soft-spoken but very nice to work with.
@Adrian: thank you very much for making me part of that great project. I enjoyed working with you especially on the metrics and TC reviews. I learned a lot - and i admire you for being so calm despite some challenges. Kudos!

The Irish boy. Ooops, here's a good one - Little Irish Boy - coined from Vik on OC (peace Declan!).
@Declan: what can i say... Haha. Thanks again! I just hope Mamta won't get nervous anymore when she speaks to you. She seems to panic everytime. Hehe.

A Filipina. A Singaporean. Both.
@Tin: I know, i know. We always meet on FB. So no more long messages here. Haha. But i just want to thank you for everything - especially for accompanying me everytime i go to the pantry - or even to IT. I hope we can still have the '5PM chat' with the rest. Keep in touch!

On vacation.
@Laurel: When you return, im not in the office anymore. Thanks for giving me the link for the tourist attractions website, and for being so friendly to me, Ate Laurel!

Silent. Loves her Kissy-Kissy
@Mamta: I believe you know everything. Because i tend to rant and share my experiences and stories on our way home. Now, since you will be alone on the train ride goin' home - if you pass Paya Lebar - can you please utter "Paya Lebar Interchange"? Haha. Where is Khijel?

A Filipino. Malibu. + G :P
@Marco: At least here, i am addressing you as Marco. Haha. Keep up the good work, bai! I hope i am in Cebu if you're goin there, and I hope to have a glimpse of your wedding (ooops, did i make it public?). Salamat sa lahat ha. Advices, friendship, company, all! Keep in touch!

Indonesian. And i really thought she was Japanese!
@Marini: I have a lot to thank you for. Basically, you are my mentor from the very start. You shared your knowledge to me more that anyone did. I really appreciate that. It was really a pleasure working with you. I am surely gonna miss the APOC team.

Have plenty of chocolates to give you.
@Nisha: Need I say more? Hehe. I admire your confidence on everything. I hope you can still give me more chocolates and that home-baked cake of yours? :D

Master Feebz. PMO Analyst.
@Phoebe: Phoebe is very good! And where are my $2s? Huh? Haha. Thanks you so much for the laughter Feebz. And i don't hate you. 'twere just jokes - you know it. And oh, can you count how many ribbons you've got? :P

Ito bato, pare!
@Vik: hey man, i won't be surprised that a year from now, we'll be conversing in fluent Tagalog. How do you manage to learn plenty of the languages? Share it man! Pumunta ka sa Pilipinas para ma-ensayo mong mabuti ang pag-ta-Tagalog mo.

Loves her dog. Googled Scrambled Egg. SM Lead.
@Yinn: Thanks Yinn for the support. Remember the discussion that we had? I really appreciate you discussing to me as a friend. Because sometime, a peron needs a friend, and not a lead, to voice out his concerns. I don't know if i could have survived without having that. And yeah, i made public that you google how to cook scrambled eggs! :)
- - -
So basically that's it! And guys, i will never forget those surpises in my lifetime!
Hobey-ho, Everyone!