Saturday, November 28, 2009

Ako si Ninoy (A Filipino Musicale)

27th of November 2009

Waterfront Cebu City Hotel and Casino Grand Ballroom

"Ako si Ninoy (A Filipino Musicale)" is an eye-breaking play which unfreezes the hero within you. As i pondered on it deeper, it's not just about who Ninoy was, but how an individual in all walks of life can be as heroic - and can be a driver of change - in this seemingly corrupt and inhumane society. A thumbs-up for this! Great work of art!

I even thought at first that the play has some color of politics for the candidacy of Noynoy. But I was wrong. It's just a mere portrayal of how a present-day Filipino can help build (or should i say rebuild?) this country thru actions, and not just words. Yeah, the present-day acts on the play was compared to Ninoy's life back then.

"Sino ba si Ninoy", is an echoing question throughtout the duration of the performance. Ultimately, i hope that the people in the hall realized that there's a Ninoy within them. Not the Ninoy as the person, but the heroic deeds that Ninoy showed. So if i say that there's a Ninoy within me, it should be understood as 'There's a hero within me'.

Sino ba? Sino ba si Ninoy?